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Portable Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (SHR-PIR100)

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Portable Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (SHR-PIR100)

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The SHR-PIR100 thermal imaging camera series adopt the fourth generation of uncooled focal plane infrared detector, the most advanced optics and electronic system, which have super high performance and smart shape.

The product has hard and sealed shell, inside is nitrogen, can repel rains and dusts and can work in harsh environment normally. This product can penetrate dusts, fog, rain, snow and darkness and provide clear images.

Main Features

1. Adopt the fourth generation of uncooled VOx FPA detector, NETD at 35mk, easy to find objects.
2. Special compensation circuits: No need of TEC, low power consumption
3. Special Image processing technology: Flat image with no noise, 9 pseudo color and 2 formats: Hot black/hot white;
4. DDE technology: Easy to find hidden objects
5. Start quickly: 2s driving time
6. Portable: Small size, low power consumption, easy to carry
7. Built-in display: Built-in mini LCD display, appropriate for hidden use.
8. Power Supply: Outside power supply and built-in battery
9. Video output: Video signal output, appropriate for connecting with other displaying or recording system

Technical Indicators

Effecting Distance  

Detecting distance: 4200m for vehicles, 1600m for people

Detector  fourth generation of uncooled focal plane infrared detector;
Resolution at 324× 256 pixels;
Spectrum range 8~14μ M;
NETD 35mk


Focal length: 100mm; F=1.0; FOV: 7.0° × 5.6° ;
GE material;
Manual adjusting focus

Image Processing  

1. Built-in correcting circuits, no need of TEC; Working temperature -40~+75° , good picture uniformity
2. Dynamic Detail Enhancer(DDE)
3.9 pseudo color and hot black/hot white formats
4. Automatic Gain Control(AGC) technology
5.2x digital magnification


1. OSD menu
2. Video output
3. DC12V, built-in 6XAA battery
4. Waterproof navigation mini-outlet
Display  0.44'' color mini LCD screen
Pixel: 640× 480
12.5x ocular magnification

Size and Weight  

Size: 312mm× 100mm× 110mm
Weight: 2.2Kg


High aluminum alloy shell, smart design
Working temperature: -10° ~+60°
Storage temperature: -40° ~+85°
Under pH6.5~7.2, continuous spraying fog for 48 hours
Power consumption: 3.6w(normal), peak at 8w

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